Our Class Field Trip

Recently we went on a field trip to the Mesa Arts Center! We were so excited to get onto the bus and leave the school grounds! We got to see a presentation by the National Geographic Live team and saw an amazing presentation by Borge Ousland who is a polar explorer. He actually was the first person to explore the North and South Pole alone! That’s right, ALONE! He had some amazing photos and videos to share with us.

Upon our return home everyone had to write a paragraph about what they heard and what they learned. I picked the top 4 blog posts to share with out blogging community!

We went on a field  trip about Borge Ousland . It was in Mesa the place that we were going to was the Mesa Arts Center.When we went in the theaters there were lights that looked like thee Aurora Borealis. It was cool. when the  lights went dim I knew that the presentation was about to begin. When it was dark there was a show that had all animals in thee show. A Lady came out and  introduced  herself to tell us about herself. Borge finally came out. We learned that he crossed the North and South pole all by himself. We also learned that he encountered a lot of animal on thee way. He saw Penguin , Narwhals ,seals and Walrus he encountered  with all these animals. Ooh forgot to mention that he also saw polar bears too.

By: Ashley

Borge Ousland crossed the south pole and the north pole.He used to be in the navy.He used to do scuba diving when he was in the navy.When he was there he saw a polar bear he shot at the polar bear but he did not shoot it he only shot at it so it would go away.When he was a little boy he wanted to be an explorer.When he was little he went on a trip with his dad and brother he loves the outdoors.He would do all his camera work when he was on his way to the north pole.

By: Falicty

Do you know about Borge Ousland? Well he was the first ever man to cross the north and south pole! The worst part was that he had to say goodbye to his friends.He had 5 dangers  frostbite,Narwhals,walrus,Polar bears  and the WEATHER! The weather can be really tough. And unexpected some U.S. tourist came to see him.

By: Sienna

Borge Ousland has had many dangers in his life.
Most of them were on his Solo Expedition. On the
expedition he was all alone and he saw walruses
and narwhals. When he was in he was in the tent
he saw a polar bear coming straight at him so he
pulled out a flare gun and shot it by the polar bear
to scare it away. He also saw lots of penguins.
Those were some of Borge Ousland dangers.

By: Kathryn


What was your favorite part about the field trip?

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