Hummingbird Presentation

Last Friday, the 1st of March, we had a presenter from the Arizona Audubon Chapter come to speak to us about Hummingbirds! We have so many hummingbirds that come to our school each year that I was excited for the students to learn more about our special visitors! We also got fantastic feeders, food and information about hummingbirds so now we can help the Audubon members monitor the birds that come to our school!

I had the students write paragraphs about the information they found the most interesting. Here’s what they had to say:

Female hummingbirds have plane colors and Males have bright colors. Females have plane colors to blend in and protect their babies. Males have colors so that the females can find there male or boy. Males have to attract other female. A hummingbird has to eat a lot of food to fly far.


females don’t have colors so they can blend in with their babies. males have colors so the females can find their male or boy. boys have colors. males have colors to attract the females.

By: Caris, Scott and Angel

We learned that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards.
Hummingbirds come in all sizes. The smallest hummingbird is the size of
your thumb. Hummingbirds flap their wings 10x faster than butterflies.
The male hummingbird is very colorful and the female is plain.

Kathryn and Paige (:

We had a humming bird speaker come in to talk about humming birds with our class. She showed us how far humming birds can fly. Humming bird had to eat a lot of food for energy of course. She also said that male humming birds have bright colors that mean that they are healthy. The female humming bird have dim color to protect them selfs or blend in.

By: Ashley

Hummingbirds eat insects and spiders.A hummingbird can flap its wings 78 times in a second.A hummingbird can fly backwards.hummingbirds drink  nectar.A hummingbird needs to eat a lot of food to fly 2000 miles.A hummingbird can fly while it is eating.  

By Josh, Elijah and Chris

What new questions do you have about hummingbirds after our presentation?

What are you most exciting about doing from the box of goodies our presenter left for us?

8 Comments on “Hummingbird Presentation”

  1. Do you know how big a hummingbirds head skull is well it is as big as 5 cm.!

  2. Humming birds can move there wings 78 times in a second.Humming birds sculls are 5 cm.Male humming birds are very colorful.Female humming birds are kind of like grayish blackish color.

  3. I liked how people put in there efferent. But lots of people didn’t use full sentences, capitol letters and

  4. hummingbirds heads are 5 cm. small !!!! 😮

  5. I <3 all your hummingbird facts !!!


  7. Well I thuoght that the humming presantataion was exelent Icant belive that a humming birds skull is 5cms thats a teeny tiny brain you got there mr. humming bird anyway it was amazing how thee humming bid does that.


    🙂 😀

  8. Hummingbirds flap their wings so fast and their so pretty I seen one in my moms flowers it was green and purple it was in the purple flowers.

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