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We had our very first video conference on February 8th with the Homestead National Monument in Nebraska. We had been reading about the Gold Rush in the 1870’s in California and the American Cowboy so I thought it would be interesting to learn what it was like to be a student in the 1870’s! The Homestead National Monument has a one room school house that actually ran as a 1-8th school in the 1870’s so our park ranger showed us a day in the life of a kid in that time era! My students were amazed at the work that those kids had to do, at what the school house looked liked and that there were no indoor bathrooms!

Jonathon writes this:

We had a video conference for what it would look like when you went to school in the 1870’s.We learned that the teacher had to teach 1-8th grade.We also learned that there was no ┬árestrooms┬áIn the building. The schools weren’t very big back then. We learned that kids had to wash their hands in a bucket and a bar of soap.

Watch our Animoto video which shows us interacting with the park ranger who gave us a tour of the monument and some interviews of students favorite parts!



What was your favorite part of the video conference?

What would you love about being a kid in the 1870’s?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Avery class,
    I like your video on the video conference you guys had and who was your video conference guide?

    From Adrien.

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