Our class is following the Iditarod race, the Last Great Race! A few weeks ago our class was introduced to this race, none of the students knew a thing about dog racing, Alaska or mushing! Now they could teach a whole classroom about what the Iditarod race is! So instead of standing in front of a full classroom we decided that they should write this weeks blog post. We did a concept map where you put your main idea in the middle of the board. I think the student’s favorite part is getting to shout out words that are related to the middle word, this week it was Iditarod. They then connect words that go form a subtopic, then they got to choose which sub topic their group would write about!


what you need for dogs.
meat,a dog food maker.
what you need to stay warm at night.
a lot of blankets,a tent.
what you need to help dog stay alive.
dog jackets.
what you need to stay alive in harsh weather.
2 jackets,emergence flares,machines,
pots,meat.What you need to go mushing,goggles,dogs and a sled.

Sienna, Amanda, Falicity, Scott, Katie:

Our teacher showed  us the Iditarod in January.Right away we got to work on our mushers some of us chose Martin Buser,John Baker and Jeff King.But then our teacher chose two  of the mushers which were…Martin Buser plus John Baker! I can’t  wait to  find out who will win.Who do you think will win?I think the mushers need thick clothing to keep the cold out. At the checkpoints the mushers get their food then the dogs food.

 Jonathon, Paulina, Ashley, Caris, Elijah:
You will need food for your dogs and you. 10 pounds of dog food will be enough for your dogs. Sometimes you will need goggles to protect your eyes. You will need a sleeping bag for camping outside. You will also need water, snacks, booties, snow boots, dog bags and a parka.You will need emergency flares and a harness.You need emergency aid kit for your sled. You and your dogs. You also need hand and feet warmers.
We also chose our two mushers that we would cheer for: John Baker and Martin Buser, two very experienced mushers and Iditarod racers! We are so excited for the race to start this weekend and to see which man wins! 

Have you ever heard of the Iditarod before?

Who do you think will win?

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  1. I am completely taken back by how knowledgable this amazing class is on this topic of dog racing! I would team up with any of the kids because I know I would survive and so would my dogs! I am not sure who is the better racer so it’s hard for me to pick but I hope everyone stays warm while racing! Thanks for this awesome post!

  2. Ms Sole?
    I am confused, anyway enjoyed the blog and as always love to learn about thing and activities that others do
    Your class did an excellent job.

  3. Frank who do you go for.

  4. I hope Martin Buser wins the iditarod because he’s in 1st place.

  5. Half of the class is going for Martin Buser he is in 1st place(which he was in when i wrote this).And then the other half of the class is going for John Baker (I did not vote for him).

  6. The Iditarod is a very inportant race.john baker got in front of martin buser and than martn buser got in front of john baker.martin buser is who im voting for.martin buser is in 1 place im happy about that.

  7. I think Martan Byuser will win because he is in 3 place and John Baker is in 10th place.


  9. It is very important to pack those thing because you will be needing it throw out the race just like John Backer and Marten Busier have for the race.

  10. martin buser he is aswome

  11. I thinkthat John Backer is going to win thee iditarod because he is a grate competiter.

    🙂 😀

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