Our thoughts on the Holiday Card Exchange

I loved sending the Christmas cards. It was fun. I would do it again. I bet that would be fun too. I thought  that it was awesome to get letters back. We liked when we made the Christmas cards. My favorite thing about it was that they gave us cards back. Our favorite card is the one from Oklahoma, the card was from 5’th grade. We liked the one from Oklahoma because it had pretty design on the front and put there names on them. 


shantel, and falicity

We felt excited when our teacher announce that we were going to do the Holiday cards.We think it was exciting when we send them and when we get them back.We would like to do that again.My favorite part about the Holiday cards is when we got to send  the cards and  to make them because it was just funny (we were all mixed up). My favorite part about the Holiday cards was when  we got to put glitter .Did you do Holiday cards during December ??????

Sincerely Paulina,Sienna


What is your favorite part about getting mail?

What did you like best about this project? 

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  1. How was the hoilday card exchange this year I really hope it was so fun

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