We’re learning about fractions right now so here are some videos that will help you understand fractions even more! There are three videos on here and the day of the week that you are supposed to watch them is right next to it.

Watch this first video on Wednesday

Writing Fractions (Thursday)
Fractions (Friday)

Fraction Game (play after your daily video)

What did you learn from each of the videos?

12 Comments on “Fractions!”

  1. That’s cool

  2. I thought it was a good video because it taught me things that I didn’t know.
    Also I looked it because it was colorful

  3. I learned that fractions don’t have to be one whole shape cut up, they can be apart.

  4. What was interesting about the video was the learning and um what I learned about fractions was that the numarator is on top and the denominator is on the bottom:)

  5. That’s cool

  6. Every thing is boring

  7. I learned that fractions are not just a cut up.They can even be apart or they can be in half to.

  8. I learned that a fraction doesn’t have to together.

  9. I learned that you can split up the fractions even yummy ones!!!

  10. I learned how to make fractions. That was cool

  11. He tonight us what the bouum number and the top number is called.

  12. I like the part that has pizza……

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