If I lived in a Snow globe!

This winter we had a theme of snow globes! We made snow globe cards for our Holiday Card Exchange. The third grade team decided to do a writing activity that students would imagine themselves in a snow globe! We watched some animated videos of what some snow globes could look like and what could be in a snow globe. We then brainstormed what life would be like in a snow globe, what we would do, what it would look like, who would be with us and how we got into a snow globe!

The students loved this assignment! Then, of course, we had to do a craft to go with our writing! We found a delightful craft where we turn kids pictures into a snow globe! Students had to dress warm, but in Arizona it is hard to dress warm when it is still 80 degrees outside!

Watch the animoto video of our craft. Parents, be looking for these coming home in January! I am sure you will be just as excited to read these papers as you are to see the cute crafts!

What would you do if you lived in a snow globe?

What would your snow globe look like?

5 Comments on “If I lived in a Snow globe!”

  1. If I really lived in a snow globe it would be AMAZING I would be the only one there or maybe there would be people like me there.But any way I would play in the fake snow but it would be a problem because it would feel weird.My snow globe would look like a circle and the color of it would be Blue and the bace of it would be in a shape of a triangle.

  2. If I lived in a snow glob it would be a big city with a lot of people.

  3. If I was trapped in a snow globe I would flip out!I would have houses and people living in thous houses.Then it would be a small town and in the back ground there is a forest.

  4. If I lived in a snow globe I would make a snow man and a snow anguls and snow balls to.My snow globe would look like a big City and big buildings.

  5. Hello Mrs. Avery,

    I am Mckenzie I think that little movie was cool some people in your class are very good at art there was lots a pretty snow globes. I wonder if you could draw one ibet you would be good at it.

    Your friend Mckenzie

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