International Day of Blogging 12/12/12


Here’s another super cool assignment. We are going to join in on the International Day of Blogging on 12/12/12 and blog about our 12 favorite things!! What an easy blog post to start off with and what an easy way to get to know students in our classroom better and students around the world! You can see how many of your things land on other people’s lists!

The assignment is by 12:15 on Wednesday the 12th please leave a comment with your 12 favorite things listed. Take a minute and read my list before you comment! Then you can look at the links below this paragraph and comment on some other blogs. Remember to leave a compliment and always end with a question. Oh and leave your name and whose class your in!

Mrs. Avery’s 12 favorite things (in no particular order):

1. Faith

2. Mr. Avery

3. family time

4. spending time goofing off with friends

5. reading

6. swimming/running/sports and fitness

7. chocolate (anything sweet really)

8. my job (that would include my students present and past)

9. Christmas

10. coffee

11. travelling all over the world

12. neon colors and sparkles

Click on one of these blogs to leave your 12 favorite things, your name and where you come from:

Ms. Gohagon’s class in CT

Ms. New’s class in Kentucky

Mr. K’s class in IL 

Mr. McCleary’s class in Canada

Mrs. Myle’s 4th graders

What are some of your favorite things?


Here is a video of us blogging away:

36 Comments on “International Day of Blogging 12/12/12”

  1. My favorite food is spaghetti.
    My favorite game is joe danger.
    My favorite song is hey you there by soldier boy.
    My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    My favorite people are my family.
    My favorite animals are horses.
    My favorite drink is soda.
    My favorite shape is a star.
    My favorite plant is a rosé.
    My favorite book is diary of the wimpy kid.
    My favorite car is thunder bird.
    My favorite tv show is sponge bob square pants.

  2. My twelve favorite things

    My favorite animal is a cat

    My favorite food is a hot dog

    My favorite song is never say naver by.Justin beber

    My favorite people is my Mom and Dad

    My favorite planent is a rose

    My favorite drink is water

    My favorite car is a thunder bird

    My favorite book is Diry of a wimpy kid

    My favorite shape is a star

    My favorite is nick

    My favorite toys are dolls

    My favorite hoiday is chismins

  3. 1.My favorite video game is assassin’s creed 3.
    2.My favorite song is tran 50 ways to say good bye.
    3.My favorite food is peprony pizza.
    4.My favorite Christmas movie is how the grinch stole Christmas.
    5.My favorite subject in school is recess .
    6.My favorite class mate is everyone.
    7.My favorite drink is water
    8.My favorite soda is cockakola.
    9.My favorite book is diry of a wimpy kid.
    10.My favorite T.V. show is rebickulisnes.
    11.My favorite tipe of shoes is DCs.
    12.My favorite tipe of animal is a hawk.

  4. My 12 favorite things are… 1.My favorite animal is a puppy. 2.My favorite shape is a heart. 3.My favorite food is favorite viedo game is Little big planet.5.My favorite song is “Hey sole sister”.6.My favorite artist is Talor swift.7.My favorite book is Mean ghouls.8.My favorite number is 4.9.My favorite movie is Brave.10.My favorite hoilday is Chismas.11.Myfavorite paddern is pokadot.12.My favorite activate is spending time with my family.

  5. 1.My favorite food is Macaroni and cheese.
    2.My other favorite food is pizza with cheese on it.
    3.My favorite animal is a tiger.
    4.My favorite sport is Basket ball.
    5.My favorite book is Trumpet of the swan by E.b white.
    6.My favorite drink is water.
    7. My favorite soda is Root Beer.
    8.My favorite person is Caris.
    9. My favorite place is school.
    10. My favorite game is twister.
    11.My favorite thing to do is play games.
    12.My favorite artist is Broono mars.

  6. 1.My favorite move is Zoo Keeper.
    2.My favorite toy is Monster High dolls.
    3.My favorite subject in school is reding.
    4.My favorite colore is blue and green.
    5.My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    6.My favorite people are my mom’s.
    7.My favorite season is fall.
    8.My favorite food is weels and chees.
    9.My favorite T.V. show is JESSIE.
    10.My favorite place is Benyhona.
    11.My favorite animals are pandas and monkes
    12.My favorite planet is plutow.

  7. 1.Ii like play .
    2.I like to do game .
    3.I like to read.
    4. my favorite food is pizza . favorite movie is norbit.
    6. my favorite thing is holidays are christmas .
    7. my favorite people are is scott. 8. my favorite 9. my favorite food is pizza .
    10 . my favorite pet is a hamster .
    11. my FAVORITE drink is root beer .
    12. my favorite game is tag.

  8. My favorite subject is math,reading,sienc and protects
    my favorite animal is a lion, tiger,gagwier,elephant
    my freand is Scott,eligh and James
    Favorite food is mussels.
    jamse and Scott,s my favirot friend cause they play with me soccer.
    mussels are home made and my mom makes them really good and
    my favorite Holliday is xmiss cause I get presents and I get to see my family.
    my favorite tv shoe is icarly and big Time rush.
    my favorite plant is a olive plant.
    my favorite game is halo four.
    my favorite move is Ben ten Alen swarm.

  9. My 12 favroite things! 12.147
    1.a dog.
    3.a hot dog.

    11. school

  10. I like video gams.
    I like snakes.
    I like sharks.
    I like lions.
    I like angre birds.
    I like ham.
    I like pizza.
    I like lamberginnys.
    I like porshis.
    I like monster trucks.
    I like snup dogs songs.
    I like mareo.

  11. Hi MRS Avery just stopping by to see your blog. Love it Like it absolutely adore it.
    Thank you for letting me stop by.

    • Denise,

      I am so glad you enjoy it!! You can stop by whenever you’d like to! I try to update it with new pictures and projects that we’re doing once a week! Have a great Wednesday!

      Mrs. Avery

  12. My 12 favorite things are:
    1. My favorite movies, The grinch, Night Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach.
    2. My favorite food is spaghetti.
    3. My favorite drink is Sprite.
    4. My favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys.
    5. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
    6. My favorite color is blue.
    7. My favorite number is 20.
    8. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
    9. My favorite day is Saturday.
    10. My favorite candy is Snickers.
    11. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Seese and Mrs. Avery.
    12. My favorite Wii game is Mario Kart and Just Dance.

  13. I am Shantel’s mom and she is in Mrs. Avery’s class. My 12 favorite things are:
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Football
    4. Softball
    5. Baseball
    6. Tacos
    7. Swimming
    8. Traveling
    9. My dogs
    10. My cat
    11. Learning new things to fix on cars
    12. Lazy days


    1. My favorite thing is Santa.
    2. My favorite song is The sun goes down, the stars come out.

    3. My favorite game is minecraft.
    4. My favorite drink is DR. pepper.
    5. My favorite food is Mac N cheese.
    6. My favorite number is 3.
    7. My favorite planet is Venus.
    8. My favorite animal is a Black Pather.
    9. My favorite season is Winter.
    10. My favorite hoilday is Chirstmas.
    11. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Avery.
    12. My favorite out of all of those is my Faimly.


  15. My name is Ashley, and I am Shantel’s second mom, and she is in Mrs. Avery’s 3rd grade class.
    12 of my favorite things are:
    1. My Family
    2. Nail Polish
    3. New Hair Styles
    4. Animals
    5. Shopping
    6. Movies
    7. Swimming
    8. Cooking
    9. Friends
    10. California
    11. Texting
    12. Perfume

  16. 1. Cowboys
    2. popsicles
    3. motorcycles
    4. lamburguini
    5. mustang
    6. Magic Tree House
    7. Barbecued chicken

  17. 8. Pitbull
    9. Tristin
    10. Chris
    11. Dallas Cowboys Book
    12. Porsche

  18. 1. my favorite toy is batman.
    2. my favorite pet is a dog.
    3. my favorite song is my life.
    4. my favorite place to go is the skating park
    5. my favorite movie is batman 3. favorite person is little wanye.
    7. my favorite food is pizza.
    8. my favorite flower is a daze.
    9. my favorite car is a BMW.
    10. my favorite resturunt is buffulo wild wings.
    11. my favorite game is call of duty black ops 12. my favorite sport is football.

  19. I like the same things! (Molly from Connecticut)

  20. My favorite food is ribs.
    My favorite t.v show Pokemon.
    My favorite drink is coke.
    My favorite friend is Anthony.
    My favorite book is Flat Stanly.
    My favorite place is my friends house.
    My favorite aninal is a dog.
    My favorite video game is skylander’s.
    My favorite holiday is chrismas.
    My favorite coler is blue.
    My favorite subject is reading
    My favorite thing to do is play with my friend Anthony.

    • My favorite food is hamburgers.
      My favorite show is how I meet your mother (right now)
      My favorite drink is water
      my favorite friend is Heather (your mother)
      my favorite book is Dragons pawn
      my fav. place is top of the supers
      my favorite animal is now Doc it was Andre and when I was your age it was my dog Chip.
      My fav. game is Yatzee.
      My favorite Holiday is My birthday ha ha (ho ho) get it?
      My fav. color is purple although mama says I look best in red.
      My favorite subject is philosophy and religion.
      My favorite thing to go is Build thing and play with you guys.

  21. my favorite toys are glass doles
    my favorite food is a taco
    my favorite movie is step up revolution
    my favorite song is baby baby ho by j.b.
    my favorite pet is a cat and a dog
    my favorite car is a blue Mercedes
    my favorite t.v show is Jessi
    my favorite number is 16
    my favorite drink is red mist
    my favorite place to go to is the mall
    my favorite flower is rose.
    my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
    ny fava

  22. 1 of my favorite things is to go on the computer

  23. favorite villains I only have one: Lord Vampire
    favorite things kittens!
    funniest moments watching My Cuson Vinny
    What to do with $12,000,000? By a masion and everything else on my mind.

  24. 1. GYMNASTICS!!!!!
    12.STICK IT (the movie)

  25. 1. My favoirt drink is d.r. peper.
    2. My favrit toys are video games.
    3. My favrit place is peter piper pizza.
    4. My favrit song is I raze god up in the air.
    5. My favrit memmrie is when I was bourn.
    6. My favrit people are my mom my dad and my brothers.
    7. My favrit game is football.

  26. My 12 Favorite things!!!

    1. My favorite flower is the lily.
    2. My favorite song is Amazing Grace.
    3. My favorite color is pink,
    4. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate chip
    5. My favorite thing to learn about is God
    6. My favorite cat is Mr. Meme
    7. My favorite mountain is Superstition.
    8. My favorite food okameal.
    9. My favorite game is Framvile on Facebook.
    10. My favorite memory is giving brith to Childen.
    11. My favorite season is fall.
    12. My favorite drink is water.


    Kathryn’s Mom

  27. Here is our 12 favorite things to do during the winter.
    1. Drink hot cocoa
    2. Make snow angels
    3. Eat holiday cookies
    4. Watch Christmas movies
    5. Spend time with families
    6. Eat soup
    7. Sit by the fireplace
    8. Wearing warm clothes outside
    9. Going on walks 11. Catch snow in mouth
    10. Open presents 12. Look at Christmas lights


  28. I’m Gabriel Eli’s brother and my 12 favorite things are……….
    , are cabin in payson,summer brake , cold day’s , non homework days , computers , water , church , math , soccer , mint chocolate chip , cats and dogs the revenge of kitty galore the move , and cats .

  29. mrs.Avery, on the list of things you do and like where do you travel?

    • Tatum,

      Oh I like to travel anywhere! The next place I’d love to go to is South America, but I’d be happy travelling to California right now 🙂

      Mrs. Avery

  30. How many places have you gone to? I like to travel also.

    • Naomi,

      Well, I’ve been to many places in the United States and to 3 different countries around the world. Where would you like to travel to?

      Mrs. Avery

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