Holiday Greeting Cards part 1

We are starting another delightful project by Jen! We love all of her projects! This one is a big one too…we have to make and send holiday greeting cards to classes all around the country! We have 28 different schools and we have to send some holiday cheer to a charity of our choice (we will be choosing ours this afternoon!).

So, to kick start our project I wanted something that would help you to understand where these schools are and who we are sending cards too! I found this fantastic idea from Mrs. Hamrac and thought this was the perfect way for you to get to know the schools!

Your assignment will be to get onto Google maps and type in the address that is on your sheet of paper. Then you have to explore where the school is! Write down anything fun that you find by the school. Come back to the blog after you’re done exploring and answer these questions about the school you researched. Good luck!

Is your school in a big city?

What does the surrounding area look like?

Is there anything cool that you found close to the school?

What state is your school from?


Ipad users: click on the app called maps

Netbook/computer users: click on the blue link that says Google Maps in the paragraph above.

If you’re visiting this blog please tell us about your school or house and what state you are from!

13 Comments on “Holiday Greeting Cards part 1”

  1. My school is not in a big city my surrounding is a bunch of grass and field no there is no nothing cool my school is in kansas

  2. it is not in a big has alot of there is not anything cool.the state is oklahoma.

  3. No my school is not in a big city.My surrounding area has a lot of houses.Yes there`s a cool thing about the school that I`m researching its a BIG park.My school is from N.V. or Las Vegas.

  4. Mrs. Avery’s Class, I think it is so cool that you are doing this. Mrs. Best’s class and my class are doing this too!! Soon we will have a huge map up in our hallway so that we can keep track of the schools that send cards to us. Be sure to come and see our map in a few weeks. And…let us know how many cards you get sent to your class!! This will be fun!!

  5. My house is very small. In fact it is a “Flat” or apartment. It has three bedrooms, one kitchen, and one bathroom. We live on the 4th floor so we have to climb lots of stairs everyday. We buy or veggies from a man who goes around selling them on a donkey cart. 🙂 We live int Cairo, Egypt.

  6. My school is not in a big City.There are lots of houses and trees. No there is nothing cool around the school.My state is from Chicago. And it look like a college school but I dont now.

  7. My school is in a big city and it has a big forest

  8. Both of my citys are in a big place

  9. no my town is is very green. no there is is IN

  10. My schools don’t live in a big city.The surrounding are mostly green&mostly trees.There is nothing cool but one of my schools are very,very long.The 1 school is in Georgia.The other one is in Texas.

  11. My school is not in a big city.My surrounding looks like this it has trees,cars and grass surrounding it.There is nothing cool around the school.The state of my school is Bristol.My school is not in a city.The surrounding area looks like this there are trees,filds and grass.there is something cool around this school there is a forest around by the school. The state of my school is Belleville

  12. So excited to read your blog post! Love the idea of posting the answers to your blog. I enjoyed reading the comments – your students did a great job!! We started yesterday and the kids had a blast !

  13. One of my school’s wore in a big city and the other was in a small city.

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