Charlotte’s Web

Our class participated in Global Read Aloud this year! We chose to read Charlotte’s Web and had a blast reading it! We loved listening to it and Mrs. Avery got excited to hear the cheers when it was read aloud time.

We also joined a 3rd grade Edmodo group where we got to chat with kids across the country who were reading Charlotte’s Web! What a cool way to ask and answer questions to each other!

As a closing activity to the book we decided to write book reviews and record them on VoiceThread with a picture of our favorite scene. We wanted to let people know about the book so they would read it too!


What are you excited to do with our next read aloud project, Flat Stanley?
What was your favorite part of Charlotte’s Web?

12 Comments on “Charlotte’s Web”

  1. It’s to bad our group didn’t finish

  2. I am ecstatic to do on are Flat Stanly project because i think that we are going to make flat Stanly cards for are parents and my favorite part of Charlotte’s web is when Wilbur won the money and the ribben

  3. My favorite part about of Charlotte web was when we found that Wilbur wasn’t going to get killed. I’m excited to make Flat Stanley.


  4. my favorite part of Charlotte web is when they were taking them to the fair and i am exited

  5. I’m excited to mike it.

  6. I like it when wilber met charlet .

  7. My faviorite part of charolt,s web is when i find out that Wilbur is not going to be aetein. I am so that we are doing flat staney

  8. I liked the last vidio because it was funny.

  9. I liked the 2nd vidio because it was interesting.

  10. my favorite part of charlette’s web is when charlette’s web is when charlette dies it is really sad thats my favorite part of charlette’s web. im really excited for flat stanly.

  11. I like the video and I am excited for the Flat Staley project!!!!!!!.

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