Thinking About Fables

In class this week we are discussing proverbs and fables. To help you better understand what a fable is and how to gather the moral of the story let’s answer some questions!

Click here:
Aesop’s Fable

You may choose any fable you’d like to, please watch the traditional video first (at some point you may need to click the special “next” button to go to the next screen, the video will pause when you need to do this) and read the fable. When you’re done with the traditional video click on the modern video.

After watching the two videos about the same fable please come back to our blog and answer these three questions:

How did the authors of this Web site rewrite the traditional fable for today’s times?

Do you like the modern version or the traditional version of the tale better? Why or why not?

Please answer these questions in your notebook, in complete sentences, then comment on this blog post with your answers. Make sure you answer both questions!


Special thanks to McGraw-Hill for the resource!

5 Comments on “Thinking About Fables”

  1. the authors did good on the traditonal fable for todays times and i thought that both of the fables were good beacuse thay were funny and cute.

  2. I liked the traditional part better because the loin shaved his fur.

  3. i like the lion in love cause it has a lion in it and i like lions

  4. I like the modern version of The sick lion.I like the modern version because it does`t have that much crying in it.Fore todays version is very winy.

  5. In sted of animal’s he put people. I like the modern version because their are people in it.

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