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This week our 3rd grade was reading a Ranger Rick article called “Wild Shots.” The third grade teachers decided to take our students on a nature walk through Traynor’s Trial (which is a small trail that is located directly next to our school). Mrs. Salmon was gracious enough to take our 90 students and teach us about desert landscape. Students had a job to do though!

They were to take pictures of our desert backyard. They would then go back to the classroom and write their own class article describing the pictures they felt really showcased our amazing backyard!

Here is their classroom article:

We are from Four Peaks Elementary School and we are room 502. We are from Arizona and this is why we went on a nature walk. We went to Traynor’s Trail for our nature walk. We saw snakes, spiders and other animals. We went on the nature walk because we were reading a book called “Wild Shots” and our teacher said that we were going to be photographers. We want to put it on our blog because other people want to learn about the desert. 

The fruits of several species are large, juicy and tasty. Clearly you can see compared to this cactus to Sienna, the cactus is much wider then her. We took a field trip to the trail and that’s how we got this picture.



Sometimes the Palo Verde tree fall over and Packrats make a house. A Palo Verde tree has green leaves, in April they turn yellow. Since this was a dead tree, packrats made a big house and lived there. They live in Southern and Western parts of Amer












A cactus is taller then a house. Cacti have parts that help them live. Some Cacti grow in cold places or even in the rain forest.














The mountain range is in the Federal designated Superstition wilderness. There is a gold mine there.










They are small cacti, usually growing up to 6-7 inches. It looks like a fishhook but it is small. The flowers are pink











We went on this nature walk because we wanted to see wildlife. This guy died and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club made this trail because he loved to hike. His name was Mr. Traynor, that’s why it is called Traynor’s Trail. We are third graders.


Here is a video of the rest of the pictures that our 3rd grade photographers took:


What is your favorite part about the desert?

7 Comments on “Nature Walk”

  1. I like the video and the pictures at the top.Mostly the part of the desert and the Mountain in the back round.

  2. My favorite part about the desert is that I can see different plants and animals

  3. My favorite part about the desert is seeing the wildlife and insects in their homes.

  4. I think my favorite part of the desert are the mountains! Being able to see them all the time is such a lovely view. Well, give yourself a pat on the back Jonathan, because you and your classmates took those pictures!

  5. We should do it again.

  6. I think your classroom photographers did a great job! I think their pictures could be used as postcards to promote the beauty that is Arizona! Thank you for inviting me to come along on your Nature Walk. I have to agree with Kathryn’s post. We should do it again!

  7. Dear,Ms.Avery’s class

    That blog about the nature walk was awesome. I really liked all the details you put in your blog!

    What did your class think about it? I think if i was there I would have loved it allot


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