Playing with our food?

Last week I had a HUGE surprise for my 3rd grade class! We would be doing an O.R.E.O. project! Well, of course the whole class cheered and then questioned what kind of project you could do with Oreo’s?

Our Really Exciting Online project is in its 14th year of running and the project is who can stack the most Oreo cookies into a tower! Seems pretty simple and not super fun (especially when I told the students they weren’t allowed to eat the cookies!). Students had to predict how many cookies it would take, then they had two attempts at making their tallest tower. We then had a great lesson on mean, median and mode and took our class average.

We then submitted our class average onto the online project who puts all of the class averages into a world average! That’s right a world average of how many Oreo’s you can stack! Awesome! There is even a map on the website that shows who has participated and where they are!

Our class average was 18 cookie stacks! Check out the world average and the participation map!


O.R.E.O Project on PhotoPeach

Some student reactions were:
“We should try it with triple stacking Oreo’s! My favorite part is the way they smelled and when it tumbled! I learned to never trust cookies!” (Shantel and Amanda)
“Yes, I would love to do the O.R.E.O. Project again! I learned to never trust the cookies and that I can stack more then I think!” (Sienna and Falicity)

What else do you think we should stack?

5 Comments on “Playing with our food?”

  1. I think we should stack candy star burst.Yummy!That O.R.E.O. project was fun.What did you like about the O.R.E.O. project?

  2. I think we should stack donuts because it will be yummy and fun.

  3. Dear Third Graders – I am proud of you that you could actually stack oreos and NOT eat them!! If I would have had a glass of cold milk, I might have had to munch on one or two of them!! Now….what should you stack next? When my husband was in college, he used to try to stack playing cards to see how many stories tall he could get it to be before the ‘house’ came tumbling down…What do you think?? BTW – I miss you guys!!

  4. Dare Miss.Seese Thank you for going on the blog. and we can’t eat the oreos because they have lot’s of Jeremias on them. and I what to stack mine marshmallows what do you thank we should stack next. From.Paulina I MISS YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday hop I see you .

  5. Dear Paulina,
    I think that if you tried to stack marshmallows, you would not get a very high stack. How about pumpkins? Well, that would probably not work!! Snickers candy bars? Packages of bubble gum? Pillows?
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a nice birthday. I just realized something – I didn’t actually have a birthday cake. That makes me think seriously about layers of chocolate. Oh, I must stop now!!
    I love you bunches. I know that you have a wonderful 3rd grade teacher who loves you too!!
    Glad that I still get to see you once in a while!!
    Mrs. Seese

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