International Dot Day

International Dot Day is celebrated on September 15th to share our creativity and self expression! It is based on a book called “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds in which a little girl changes her mind and heart to art by just making a mark. This day also builds collaboration globally as people are connected through the internet as well!

So we decided to have our own Dot Day! In the book the teacher tells the little girl to just make a mark and see where she goes, so that’s what we did! With watercolor paints and a piece of paper students were able to paint their own dot picture. The following week they had to write a story about what was happening in their picture!

A couple of stories were chosen to be read:

Here is the animoto video of our International Dot Day:

What was your favorite part of Dot Day?
What sparks your creativity?

6 Comments on “International Dot Day”

  1. I love this! The idea of Dot Day is terrific and the idea of making dots until a picture develops is so cool. I am going to try this idea myself. I struggle with art, but I can make dots.

    • Sometimes I struggle with art too. special e with paint. Paint is messy. What picture did you paint?

      P.S: Bye Bye.

  2. My favorite part was making the art.My spark is with each other.

  3. I think we should do it again. Becaus it was fun! From, Kathryn

  4. My favorite part is I got paint and I got to say thing’s about it .

  5. […] we celebrate creativity and making our mark on the world! I, Mrs. Avery, first started celebrating last year and can think of nothing better to do on/around September 15th then Dot Day! This year we had so […]

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