Saving the Sea Turtles

Last week we began learning about sea turtles. This week we will continue to investigate the dangers these magnificent creatures face.

The Task

You will visit several websites to continue learning about sea turtles. After you have gathered information about sea turtles, you will create a product with your group. Your product must have pictures and ways you and others kids can help save the endangered turtles. These will be posted on the blog once they are completed and handed in on Friday.

The Process

Using the links below research different types of sea turtles. Then complete the graphic organizer which is in your Google Apps. 

Click on the links below to find the dangers turtles face.


You are now ready to plan out your product that will help persuade others to help save the sea turtles! Use the questions below to help organize your information.

1. What are the six different types of sea turtles you focused on? What are their differences?

2. What are some reasons that sea turtles are on the endangered list?

3. What are some ways to help sea turtles stay alive? Think of as many as you can.

4. What will you do to help this endangered species?

Live Video

What did you see in the live video cam?


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