Week before Labor Day Weekend

This past week was filled with routine! Finally, our learning procedures and routine paid off. After testing all of the week before I think the class and I appreciated this low key regular work week! Our student of the week this week was Ashley and she took her job very seriously, always sharpening pencils and modeling behavior for the rest of the class. This is her picture slideshow from the photos she took this week. She loved taking the pictures because she got to see everyone doing their work and staying on task!

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Since we’re heading into September and you have had time to get used to third grade and your new reading goal, what has been your favorite book you have read? Can you tell us why we should read that book?

2 Comments on “Week before Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Dear Mrs. Avery’s class,
    Thank you for you for your comment on our blog. We think it’s a great idea to do a dinosaur video.

    It’s cool that you let your student of the week take pictures What other jobs does your student of the week do?

    Your friends,

    Mrs.Hamman’s Class.

  2. Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Class,

    Thank you for the comment. Besides taking pictures our student of the week is our line leader, our morning meeting leader, our pencil sharpener, and they have to foster excellence. It is a big job but we can handle it.

    Do you have a student of the week? If you do, what do they get to do?


    Mrs. Avery’s Class.

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