New last name, new grade level and new room!

Wow, it has been a while! I wanted to post the first blog of the new school year so when you got the website at back to school Saturday you had something fun to read and view! I would love to share some recent and big changes that have occurred in my life.

1st. I changed grade levels and rooms! I had been teaching 2nd grade for five years so this is a big change but I am moving up to 3rd grade. I am so excited for the new curriculum, new ideas and a new group of students that are willing to let me be crazy and creative! I have done so much thinking about how to make this year the best year possible! I am an out of the box thinker and am excited to challenge each and every one of my students to think the same way! My team and I have come up with many global and local projects that we will be partaking in so students will be able to connect outside of Four Peaks and building 500.

2nd. I got married this summer! So I am the former Miss Sole returning to Four Peaks as Mrs. Avery. I’m sure many of you were confused because it said Miss Sole on your letters from this summer but I am officially a Mrs. now! We had a fantastically small wedding of close friends and family, it was a relaxed and unique event, and everything I had ever imagine. My husband and I went to San Diego for a small¬†honeymoon before I¬†headed off to Las Vegas for a teacher convention (which I am very excited to bring ideas to life from).

It absolutely was a whirlwind of a summer that was full of fun, laughter and change. I am so excited to come back to school though and get to know each and every student that walks through our door!

What did you do this summer? Leave a comment below and tell everyone what made summer so fun for you!

Please check back every week for pictures, posts from students and videos of what is going on in the classroom! For now I’ll leave you with some pictures of my summer! Enjoy and welcome back!

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