Chaotic Fun

Chaotic Fun….that’s always the way I describe the first quarter of school! I am not quite sure where the time went but it flew by very quickly. Your students and I have grown to know and truly care for each other as a classroom. I’m so excited to see what the 2nd quarter brings us in all our subjects and new ways that I can challenge your students to become brighter and stronger!

We have done so much this quarter! In science we talked about metamorphisis of a butterfly, we discussed frogs and toads and in social studies we started discussions and research on the Constitution and symbols of the United States. This upcoming quarter we do a big project about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, the journey, the reason and the 1st Thanksgiving.

We have enjoyed so many books together this quarter and your children have shared many books with me! I love to see them read and get excited about the books that they picked from the library. Many of my students have made their A.R. goal and I’m excited to announce the A.R. reward party is a art festival! Students will be able to go to the gym and have art class for a half hour with some parent volunteers and teachers. I’m excited about this reward because art is not something we get to do every day, kids love doing it, it’s not food or sweets which seems to always be the easiest type of reward and you get to get dirty and glittery!!!

We also did some fun play writing this quarter. We read a story called Days With Frog and Toad and it’s all about friendship. So I placed my students in partners and told them they get to go anywhere they want too! They made up dialogue about where they would go, what they would do when they got there. Then they cut out puppets and practiced their plays. On the final day they got to perform in front of the whole class and get video taped. I’m trying my hardest to get some of the videos uploaded to this site or to a sister site so that you all can see your child perform!

I truly hope you have enjoyed quarter one and your just as excited to start quarter 2 and continue the journey of learning with me! Here are some pictures that we have taken so far this year:


If you could choose anywhere in the world to go with your family and friends where would it be????? Leave comments with your answers!


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  1. I like the pictures. They look cool

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