It still feels like a crazy dream

The title explains it all! The two weeks that we were there went by in a blur like fashion. Before we knew it the teachers were throwing a surprise party which included home baked treats, coffee (they got to know me quite well), and presents for us. Oh, and a professional photographer that they hired to take all our pictures. My cheeks never hurt more and I finally realized just how difficult it is to be followed by the paparazzi! Some of the teachers even cried because they didn’t want us to leave! It was a moving evening that brought the trip to a final close. Well, hopefully not final, I’m excited to see if I can go back and relive this trip for many years to come.

So, that was my summer! After I got back I moved from Tempe to Gilbert so that took up quite a bit of time, especially in this heat!

Enough about me, I want to hear what you did this summer? Did you go on a trip? Did you read a good book? Did you swim all summer and are still pruney? Leave a comment with only your first name and let me know!

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