1st day of summer

Wow, this year went by much faster then expected. It definitely started off rough seeing as my school last year was closed due to budget cuts and the whole district was moved around. Four Peaks started as individual teachers and ended as a family, cliche I know but it is so true! I have loved my family and children this year!

The last few weeks of school have been a blur of trainings, packing, lesson planning and to do lists that have been lost (lists don’t help you when they’ve been lost…) But, my students and I had a wonderful end of the year. Our awards ceremony went off beautifully and I had more parents then expected!

Now on to Morocco, I will be blogging once I get back. Back up, rewind…I will be travelling to Morocco as a teacher, me and 3 other lovely ladies will be conducting a teacher workshop for kindergarten teachers in Morocco. Their education system hasn’t been top priority…ever, so we’re going over to just chat with the teachers, show them some things that we do here in the States, open my eyes to a bigger picture of teaching and helping children all over the world, and building relationships that will hopefully allow us to do this again and again! But…alas, I don’t have much else to say because I have no idea what to expect. I know it’ll be a grand experience but as of this moment I am quite nervous! More on that later. Time to mix our campus’ fruit salad 🙂

Happy summer everyone!

Miss Sole's 2010-2011 class

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