Here’s my first attempt at blogging for educational purposes 🙂 Please, please please read the about section to read the rules and guidelines before continuing…

…alright, you must have read them! Thank you so much for visiting this site. My school year is crazily winding down (where did the time go!?). This week in class we are working on insects and spiders, multiplication and review for our districts benchmarks. Multiplication has been so exciting for the kids! They have felt so advanced and most of them have gotten the concept of repeated addition and are so proud of themselves! Here are a couple of links to songs that help to remember multiplication facts:

All of the multiplication rocks videos

Rap song for the 2 times table

Insects have been a super fun topic to discuss and work on. I found a website: http://fraboom.com/ that has an interactive book about a little boy that likes to eat bugs. Interesting, I know some of those little boys as well! Students have been enjoying the realm of science!That’s all for now. We have benchmarks next week so we’re in super review mode to make sure that all the math concepts are on the forefront of their brains!

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