Modeling Year Around

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I am fascinated when watching my staff teach, model, and reinforce beginning of the year procedures.  It takes very little time to turn those procedures into the routines that will create an environment that is conducive to learning.  A magic wand could not create such an environment any faster.  We have something more magical than a  wand and that is the power to model. Each year my staff and I take time to discuss the importance of modeling, what it is, and how to effectively accomplish it.  An easy definition is to ask teachers to “think out-loud” their own learning steps or thinking while solving a problem or creating a solution.   In addition, it is important that the visual input of modeling be accompanied by the verbal input of labeling the critical elements of what is happening (or has happened) so that students are focused on essentials rather than being distracted by non-relevant factors in the process or product.  In our new world of Common Core, we are asking students to justify their answers.  For many of our students, this hasn’t always been the expectation and therefore brings the importance of modeling to the forefront once again!

Other than modeling classroom procedures, what have you modeled today?

As always, be joyful in your thoughts!



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  1. Mrs. Hamman says:

    I’ve always been big on creating anchor charts with students while I am teaching. Lately, though. I’ve realized that anchor charts are only effective if they are a visual reminder of something I have modeled very explicitly. They need to include those key labels I use as I am explaining my own thinking. This year I’m going to try to make anchor charts that are very simple, focusing only on the most essential information. I plan to continually refer to them and to teach students to use them as a tool as they explain their own thinking.

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