Re-thinking and Re-imagining Instruction and Student Learning through Common Core Standards

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Lots of buzz around the world of education with Common Core.  Just like many across the country, we have begun to implement the CC.  Our big ideas have been centered around designing learning experienes for kids that engage them in thinking, formulating, testing hypostesizes, and challenging one another to develop concepts.  We embrace the fact that students will be moving away from rote learning, as we shift our mindsets to want to understand the students’ thinking instead of just a right or wrong answer.  It is a daunting task, and it is going to take re-thinking and re-imagining our instruction and student learning.  But what an exciting time to be an educator.  So let’s all take a deep breath and remember Common Core supports what good teaching has been about for many of us: inviting students to think and understand complex concepts, to think about what students are learning and what types of questions we are asking for deeper understanding, to reflect upon our own teaching, and to intellectualy engage our students.  Our classrooms will  become a space for awakening of intelligence, sensitivity, creativity, observation, self-initiative, and self discipline.

As a principal, I can’t wait to walk in to our classrooms at Four Peaks Elementary School this new school year.  I truly care about what the teacher is doing, but in many ways I care more about what the students are doing.  As I do my rounds this year two questions will be at the forefront of my mind:  What type of performance task will I see students engaged in and what evidence do I see of students being invited, or even required to think?

What do you hope to see in your classroom(s) this year?

As always, be joyful in your thoughts!


PS.  I provided my staff with a large sheet of paper and asked them to describe to me the differences they see in a Common Core classroom.  Below is a creative example from one of my teachers, Shana Myers.  Enjoy!


CC Teacher






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