Be Inspired to Inspire

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    Over the past several years we have participated in various staff development opportunities, had several discussion groups in our professional learning environments, implemented “best practices” from these experiences, and created common assessments with reflection time to measure our students success.  We have made professional learning a priority on our campus.  We have had positive results, some teachers having more than others.  The teachers that have greater success have one thing in common: they don’t wait for established staff development time.  They seek out their own learning opportunites.  Whether it is attending an EdCamp, reading blogs through our Edublog communities, or searching various websites.  They are inspired about learning, which in turn, inspires their students. 


Our theme this school year is:  Be Inspired to Inspire. ..cropped-bee-trail-left-320-xtno0b.jpg

       Four simple words that pack an enormous responsiblilty.  We have so many resources at our fingertips in this day and time that make it easy for us to become learners; we do not have to rely upon any formalized system.   We can attend trainings and collaborate and communicate with each other. However, if we are not inspired to follow through on this newly acquired knowledge and continue to refine and define our instructional practices, what is the point?  My wish as the FPES leader is that each and every individual in our school will be inspired into action this year, and then to inspire others.  We will continue to make it a priority to engage in  professional learning, discussions, and reflection, but to reap even greater benefits, we must first be inspired! 


I wish you all the best of luck as the new year begins.  Think about what inspires you.  How will you use that to inspire others? 

As always, be joyful in your thoughts!


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  1. Jenna Iovino says:

    I completely agree with not holding back and waiting for when professional development comes around, or other certain requirements throughout the school year. As an educator, a great importance is trying to stay on top of new strategies, ideas, and methods. The world of education is rapidly changing and if we all share goals and ideas with one another we can tremendously make life easier! As I have attended my collaborating training this summer, I have learned many techniques on how to help colleagues with certain situations and be an active listener. I have also learned resources that can be implemented in my classroom as well as sharing with my colleagues. It’s a great feeling to learn new things and to be able to share out with teammates! As the new school year approaches, I feel like a lot of us are energized and ready to take on the roll of inspiring 🙂

  2. pasmith says:

    Love your thoughts B Farris! You inspire me to be a better person, leader, and educator.

  3. Tim Maijala says:

    I think that being closed mined or unwilling to change will just make everything a lot worse. Your students may sink since you’re not accommodating them effectively. You need to know this since it’s part of your job and how it needs to be done. Yes, some have been taught or have been been teaching certain ways. I think that getting on the same page is key. Be on board!!! It may be tough but it will get better in the long run.

  4. Shannon says:

    I have gone in to type what I want to say a couple times now. I am excited to be in the same grade level again so I can focus on new things I want to try this year. I look forward to getting a hold of some little minds and get them to think for themselves. I want them to inspire each other!

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