Lakeside Leadership

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Having recently spent a week on a gorgeous lake fishing, I was reminded, of all things, of a few key leadership concepts.

1.  Cast out your line and pay attention to that little tap on your lure.  You never know when it might be “the big one”.  This is also true as an instructional leader, we must be in the moment and practice active listeningHow many times have we been sitting across from someone and instead of actively listening, we are thinking about “catching that next big fish“.  Our mind is on a conversation we might have had previously to this one, or the upcoming parent meeting, or thinking about the latest benchmark data, instead of truly listening to what the person has to say.

2.  When you feel a tug at your line, don’t doubt or second guess whether a fish is attached.  Sometimes as leaders we don’t always filter the information that comes our way.  We  receive commentary of all kinds, both encouraging, and discouraging.  Don’t doubt what you are doing, be confident.  If the conditions have been set and clearly communicated and you have the right people in the right seats on the bus, move forward with confidence.

3.  Once you’ve caught the fish, don’t stop fishing!  Don’t be satisfied with the victory of just one fish on your stringer.  As leaders, we must strive for continued growth for ourselves, our staff, and most importantly our students.

Have you gone fishing lately?

Be joyful in your thoughts.


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