Teacher Evaluation: From Ominous to Oblivious

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Evaluation has been and always will be a natural process in every aspect of life- from deciding on which type of car to buy, to choosing
what we want for dinner.  Unfortunately, often times in education, teacher evaluation is treated as a singular ominous “event”: a scheduled day and time, a formal lesson plan, and quite possibly a new power-suit to wear.  As an instructional leader, it is imperative to create an environment where
evaluation is valued and embraced as a daily learning opportunity for both the teacher and the administrator.  We must create a process for peer and self evaluation, listen to our staff, be in classrooms daily, and initiate discussions and collaboration within our learning community to the point where our teachers are oblivious to the fact that in all of this, valuable evaluation is taking place.   We must be seen as not solely an “evaluator” but also a learner. What better to way to motivate a child to learn than to have him/her see the adults in the building learning from each other?

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