Mobi: Navigating the Page Sorter

Teachers can create lessons in pages ahead of time to use in class. In order to do so, the teacher must be able to navigate the page sorter. Sequencing or Deleting Pages First, launch the Page Sorter. The Page Sorter window will appear, displaying the current pages created. From here, it is easy to reorder […]

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Interwrite Mobi (Updated Tutorial Post)

Our Interwrite Mobis pilot trainings have been going smoothly. During our first training, we were introduced to our Mobis, and we investigated the Gallery during our second training. Introduction to Mobi On our desktop, we investigated the features of the menu. (Note, the image below is interactive, just roll the cursor over the image to see […]

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Interwrite Mobi

Our Interwrite Mobis, purchased mainly through Title I funding and on some campuses through the PTO, are here. My first training will be at the SMES campus. Here are a few links to help you get started: Mobi Interwrite Workspace Tutorial Video Training Slides (Seen below) Quick Guide (for the first time you use it) Getting Started […]

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