Folders and Forms and Google Apps — Oh My!

Folders, and Forms, and Google Apps — Oh My!

First, create a folder to hand out the documents you want students to use, that way they can just grab it.

Second, to collect your students’ completed work, I like using a Google Form to keep everything in a nice, neat spreadsheet and not be bothered by oodles of emails from students.

Here’s how to create a shared folder to use with students (or colleagues):

Sharing folder 1 thru 4 Sharing folder 5 thru 8 Sharing folder in Google Apps

Now, you can place any of your documents in this folder for students to access. They’ll need to make a copy of it in order for them to edit it.

When they are done and are ready to turn in their work, use a Google Form to collect it. Click here for instructions.

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