Introduction to Chromebooks and the Chrome Web Store

This online class is designed to introduce teachers to using Chromebooks in their classrooms;  the differences in the device and operating system; how to install educational extensions and apps from the Chrome Web Store; and Chromebook best practices.

My Samsung Chromebook

If you have registered for the Prospector University online class for the Introduction to Chromebooks and the Chrome Web Store, please go to the following links based on your site:

To complete the class, participants will read and interact with the content, and write a quality comment on the blog post answering some of the guiding questions.

Happy learning!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ben Rogers via Compfight

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to Chromebooks and the Chrome Web Store

  1. This was wonderful! I got to learn how to use them and get apps that are useful for my students in the classroom. The print screen was nice to learn as well. When I first saw them I was scared to use them because they seem very fragile. Now, they still seem fragile but I think I could use it more correctly.

  2. I am going to download the Lucidchart for Education and try it. Thanks for teaching us how to do do a screen shot on our computers and the Chrome book. Thanks for the info!

  3. I learned that it is easy to insert a screenshot into a document. I also love how fast the chrome books can be compared to the netbooks. I like the educational apps that I found. There were a few math apps such as math invaders that looked like a fun way to practice math facts. I also the liked Discovery Education app.

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