Teaching K-2 Students about Attribution

The topic of the week for the Student Blogging Challenge is Creative Commons. I love this topic! In Tracy-utopia, all teachers and students would partake in this challenge!

If I was a K-2 classroom teacher, here’s how I’d approach this challenge:

1) I’d use Linda Yollis’ idea of having students do artwork, then hang them on the wall, but with the wrong name next to it… Then ask the students how it felt for not getting credit for their work? Then use that to demonstrate the idea of Creative Commons and attribution of work.

2) I might show this with Q & A for kids on copyrights (but probably just focus on the attribution question).

3) I’d embed this video on my blog post about attribution, called Credit is Due (The Attribution Song):

4) Activity: I’d have students then create something to share with others what they learned about attribution. It can be paper/crayon and then made into an Educreations presentation (which is ubber-easy!) or they can create a presentation in Haiku Deck (another easy iPad app that can also be done on the desktop). 

How would you introduce your students to Creative Commons and Attribution?

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