Voting for AJUSD Blog Finalists in Edublog Awards

The Edublog Awards were created to raise awareness for educational use of blogs and social media in the classroom. It’s exciting to have several AJUSD bloggers make it to the shortlist of finalists for voting!


You can vote for as many as you’d like in each category. Your vote only counts once. The voting window closes on December 18th at 10pm (MST).

  • Select the category by clicking on the Title of the category.
  • Select the Social Media Account you’d like to connect with, and click “accept” access of this app to connect with your Social Media Account.
  • Then vote by selecting Vote Up.

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AJUSD Finalists

Several AJUSD Bloggers are represented as Finalists in the Edublog Awards Voting, including:

Best Student Blog — Em’s Canvas (2nd grade AJUSD student)

(To vote, click on blue title to open the link.)

Best Class Blog — Mrs. Hamman’s Class Blog and Cougar News Blog

Best Group Blog — Cougar News Blog

Best Administrator Blog — This and That (Jon Castelhano’s Blog)

Best Individual Blog — wwwatanabe (Tracy Watanabe’s Blog)

Best Teacher Blog — wwwatanabe (Tracy Watanabe’s Blog)

Voting for Students without Social Media Accounts

Just click on the link below to vote for a student blog or class blog:

Final thoughts

This is an opportunity to share with others some of the fabulous learning taking place in AJUSD. It’s also an opportunity to look at other fabulous discussions across other districts and classrooms. Not only are there great examples of educational blogging and use of social media across the globe, it also gives us a frame of reference to see how innovative AJUSD is!

Did you discover new resources and ideas while looking at those nominated?

Do you have any questions?

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