Student Blogging Challenge #2

There are several classrooms in our district participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, so the question that I often am asked is, “What are some tips for management of the Student Blogging Challenge?” It changes a little from week to week, based on the challenge. Here’s some ideas for this week’s challenge:

Activity 1:

How old is your local town or city? When was it established? Who named it? Why was it given that name? Introduce us to the history of your local area. Maybe take some photos and include in a slideshow. You might also be able to include a Google map with pins marking a walking/driving tour of interesting parts of your local area. See this post for tutorial on inserting Google Maps.

Siphon Draw from Lost Dutchman State Park - Superstition Wilderness
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Al_HikesAZ via Compfight

Tracy’s suggestions for Primary:

Tracy’s suggestions for upper elementary, and CCJH:

Activity 2:

Name 5 places in your local area you think visitors should see. Give reasons why.

Tracy’s suggestions for Primary:

  • Brainstorm as a class. Find Creative Commons photos through Flickrcc. Load five photos to an iPad, then have students narrate where it is and why people should visit there on an iPad app such as Fotobabble or PixnTell.

Tracy’s suggestions for upper elementary and CCJH:

  • Have students work in small groups, brainstorm ideas, have each student write why visitors should go there, and find photos on Flickrcc for those places. They can create their post collaboratively in Google Apps. I recommend having students write their names on the document then spacing down so they don’t write over a peers’ words.

Activity 8:

Create an A-Z book/poster/slideshow about your state or country. When Davo Devil and I visited Mrs Yollis’ class in 2011 they presented us with a fantastic picture book called C is for California.

Tracy’s suggestions for Primary:

  • Think of your Social Studies or Science Standards, and incorporate that into ABCs about Arizona. For example, brainstorm plants and animals native to Arizona. Find photos on Flickrcc for each student to write or tell about. Load the photos into Educreations on the iPad for students to read what they wrote or tell about it.

Tracy’s suggestions for upper elementary and CCJH:

  • Have students work in small groups, brainstorm ideas, have student collaboratively create a book with a tool such as Zooburst.

Other ideas

  • Some students might be writing posts collaboratively. Groups of students or different classes can pick and choose which activity they write about.
  • Some students or classes might not write the post at all, but instead, they could leave quality comments on other class or student blogs in the Challenge. — Remember to use first names only, and add a link to your teacher’s class blog at the end of the comment to make connections with others around the world.

What are some ideas you have?

What questions do you have?

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