Using My Big Campus in the Classroom

My Big Campus (MBC) has a lot to offer in the classroom, is a safe online environment, and is user friendly.

Here are the AJUSD Campus Blog Posts about MBC:

View More MBC Tutorials and Resources:

MBC Cheat Sheet:

  • Click here to download a PDF of the “MBC Cheat Sheet”


  • How do you plan to use MBC in your classroom?
  • What tips or questions do you still have?

Note: I chose to create this class as a blog post instead of within MBC because I wanted this information more visible to our AJUSD family.

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2 thoughts on “Using My Big Campus in the Classroom

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  2. I am looking forward to using My Big Campus in my classroom. I am challenged technology-wise…it takes me a while to learn something new, but once I learn it and use it, I can usually be successful. I like the Quick Links feature because it will allow me easy access like a “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” icon. It sounds like the Library is the equivalent of having a world of knowledge and resources at your doorstep, including having YouTube videos at the ready.

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