Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 4–YouTube, Library, and Quick Links

We discussed the benefits of using My Big Campus (MBC), logging in, and setting up Groups in Post 1. In Post 2, we explored Schoolwork. In Post 3, we dove into Bundles. In this post, we’ll learn how to add a YouTube video to the Library for students to watch, explore more details about the Library, and learn how to add Quick Links.

What is the Library?

The My Big Campus (MBC) Library is a collection of shared videos (including YouTube), Bundles, Schoolwork, files, websites, blog posts, and more. You can access and share through the Library with a few easy clicks.

Details of how to use the Library:

Note: To add a YouTube video for students to watch, you’ll need to add it to the library.

Quick Links:

Quick Links is like adding a “Favorite” to your MBC console. Click here for the directions on how to create a Quick Link.


The Library is another great way for teachers to share and collaborate. Take some time to peruse it, there are some great items in there.

  • Do you have any tips or questions to share about the Library or Quick Links?

Click here for more information about MBC.

Note: I chose to create this class as a blog post instead of within MBC because I wanted this information more visible to our AJUSD family.

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7 thoughts on “Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 4–YouTube, Library, and Quick Links

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  3. My Big Campus library is a very nice resource that has endless information. The fact that you can access and share information within one place is very nice. I like that the library is a place where educators can come together and share and collaborate on content that they are teaching. Being able to access bundles and see how others are presenting information is priceless especially to educators like myself who do not have the experience. Having all this information in one place makes it nice for educators who need information and want to share. Quick links is also a nice tool within My Big Campus giving you the ability to share information internally. These links can also be searched and used as needed.

  4. I know I already addressed the library in the bundles, but I do think that is what will be most valuable to me in this forum. I like that I can upload things into the bundles and add to them as I find more things. It looks like I can also upload student artwork to use for examples for future years. The library may be some work for original setup, but I think it will make things easier in the long run.

  5. I like that the library is designed to be a sharing center like an actual library is. I also really think that the ability to label your materials with an age range is awesome! In reading through the directions for loading materials into the library, I noticed that there are tags that should be added for “ease of searching” and was wondering if there is a set of premade tags for bundles or if the creators are just left to wing it and see if their tag matches up with others.

  6. Many times, as my students try to research for their PBL’s, they run into useful and good content that is blocked. That content may be accessible to them through the MBC Library. Even if it is not available to them, the Library has everything that has been uploaded, and that will open up a huge area of information that they have not had before. I like that the Library has Bundles that have already been created, and that I will not only have access to them, but will also have the ability to edit them to my preferences. It sounds as if it will be easy to access information whether I search by Filter or Standard. I look forward to trying this out.

  7. I use you tube quite a bit in class for all my subjects. It gets time consuming switching over to you tube and looking through everything just to find what you need. Having a library with all my clips and everything stock piled in one area will save time and lessons will be more efficient. You can get ideas from other libraries for optimal lessons as well.

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