Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 3–Bundles

We discussed the benefits of using My Big Campus (MBC), logging in, and setting up Groups in Post 1. In Post 2, we explored setting up assignments and “Schoolwork”. In this post, we will dive into Bundles.

What is a Bundle?

Bundles are collections of content, such as a unit or a lesson, that is created and published online for students to interact with. Bundles can also be used as templates because they are easy to share.

You can place text, videos, links, apps, and much more within your bundle.

You can also search the MBC Library for Bundles created by educators, and adapt it for your class.

Benefits of working in Bundles

Bundles can be created collaboratively, published, and easily shared with colleagues. Common Core standards can be incorporated into learning tasks, and published in Bundles.

How to Create a Bundle

To get started, click Drive in the left navigation bar.

In the top navigation on the Bundles page, click New, and select New Bundle.

Give your bundle a title, an introduction, and a summary, then click Save before continuing to the next step.

To see more details, select from the links below:


Here are a few diverse examples of Bundles found in the Library:

  • AP Physics — This bundle hosts the entire quarter of learning, and when you click the chapter, it takes you to the lessons within the chapter
  • Earth Science — This bundle hosts videos for a “flipped classroom” approach
  • Telling Time — This bundle is a lesson that walks students through it in steps
  • Chromebooks and Chrome Web Store — I created this bundle for professional development.


Bundles are a great way to organize online lessons. I’d like to hear how you plan to use bundles in your class.

In our next post, we will explore how to add YouTube videos to the Library, and QuickLinks.

  • What are some examples of bundles that should be shared with others?
  • How do you like to organize your bundles?
  • What tips or questions do you have about bundles?

Note: I chose to create this class as a blog post instead of within MBC because I wanted this information more visible to our AJUSD family.

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8 thoughts on “Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 3–Bundles

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  4. My first thought when going over bundles within My Big Campus was how versatile they are. You can pretty much incorporate anything you want when creating a lesson. I can see lots of benefits to using bundles when it comes to my class, particularly projects. It makes it easy to create projects that are self guided and include all information that my students need. It is ideal for students who are self-paced. Bundles give you the ability to make lessons that are interactive and that can accommodate students with all sorts of needs. I like that you are able to link standards to bundles created making them assessable to other teachers that are looking to teach the same content. Being able to publish and share information in the My Big Campus library gives educators yet another useful resource that can be used or even modified to meet their needs.

  5. I really like the bundles… I like that I can put you tube videos right in the lesson, and it looks like I can make my own within the program if I want to. I like the cover photo, and that the standards are contained within the bundle. I was not able to locate the Art standards for the state of AZ in there, but I can usually find some writing standards that work.

  6. Bundles look like an awesome teaching tool, and not just for teachers to students! I’d love to make bundles on topics that my coworkers would like to know more about (e.g. how articulation impacts writing skills) so that we could use them for collaboration to improve our own skills, too. Especially with youtube capabilities for visuals. Multiple modalities for all learners and types of intelligences.

  7. What a great tool! It reminds me of the “Gold Files” that we used to be able to request from ASU in the olden days. To have everything at our fingertips, from standards, resources, videos, pictures, documents, assignments, quizzes, files, iTunes…that’s quite an accomplishment! Since I do quarterly PBL’s, this will be a huge benefit for my students. They can use this for their collaboration, and then use it to create and share their final project. I also like that I will have access to Bundles of other educators.

  8. I can see bundles being the perfect way to collaborate with staff anywhere and the students. The students can also collaborate with other students to bounce ideas off each other while doing a project or homework. Students being able to talk out problems with their classmates or others helps eliminate frustration. This is all a very important and powerful tool.

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