Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 2–Schoolwork, Assignments, Assessments

We discussed the benefits of using My Big Campus (MBC) in the classroom, how to log in, and how to set up Groups in Post 1. In this post, we’ll explore setting up assignments and “Schoolwork”.

Schoolwork is where students are given assignments, quizzes, and polls. Click the button on the menu to navigate to the Schoolwork page.

Schoolwork MBC

 Add New Schoolwork

Create Schoolwork

Then, fill in the fields to create your assignment, quiz, or poll.

For details and more tutorials, view the resources below regarding Schoolwork:


Students need a little time to get used to MBC before going straight to a graded assignment. Therefore, I recommend starting with a discussion about digital footprints, and then adding an ungraded assignment about digital footprints to get them familiar with learning in the MBC environment.

There are some great features in Schoolwork, such as shuffling the questions on your quizzes. We’d love to hear what your other favorite features are, tips, and any questions you have.

In the next post we’ll explore creating Bundles.

  • What are your favorite features in Schoolwork?
  • Do you have any words of wisdom or tips to share with others about Schoolwork?
  • What questions do you still have about Schoolwork?

Note: I chose to create this class as a blog post instead of within MBC because I wanted this information more visible to our AJUSD family.

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9 thoughts on “Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 2–Schoolwork, Assignments, Assessments

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  5. Schoolwork seems like a very useful tool that can be utilized within My Big Campus. I like that it can be used for a formative or a summative assessment. I am always trying to find ways to create a more effective use of the technology (chromebooks) my students have access to. I like the idea that you can create such a variety of different assignments such as exit tickets. I like that there is an option to shuffle assessments that I create giving each student a different one. Having the ability to modify and personalize my tests is very useful when it comes to meeting individual needs. Being able to access reports on student progress and having them neatly organized for me is great. This makes it manageable to track all my students on their progress.

  6. I do a lot of reflective assessments and journals in my classes, and I think that this will be a good tool to manage those and create more collaborative discussion opportunities. I like that I can track my students’ progress, and it looks like I can send them a reminder or ask a question if I need to. Being able to make modifications is a big plus, as I have some SPED students at different levels, and some advanced students.

  7. I really liked the academic report part of school work, as it tells you where your students are at any given time with a certain standard based on their color in the report. It could be used as a back up formative, and be a good basis for progress reporting. I also like that you can make different sets of the school work and apply them to different groups. You can set up different levels that way, and meet more accommodations and modifications that way for the SPED populations.

  8. We are required to use formative and summative assessments in our classrooms, so this is a great asset. I also like the fact that the tests can be randomized and given to students. Cheating is rampant, and I see this as a great tool to help combat that. The fact that I can create an assignment and then duplicate it, modify it, differentiate it, and grade it is a bonus. I was impressed with the Submissions Panel, where a student was reminded of waiting tests and/or results.

  9. I have to admit I got a little excited learning about Schoolwork! Being able to have everything in the same program will be very easy to view students progress or show you the students that need some extra help. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is jumping from program to program gathering data for students. I can see where the students could jump on board with this due to they feel their tests or work is modified just for them.

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