Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 1–Benefits, Logging In, Groups

Overview of benefits and what MBC can do

My Big Campus (MBC) is a safe learning management system that is user friendly, and familiar to many students and teachers because of its similarities to FaceBook or Edmodo.

Some of the benefits of using MBC include:

  • it’s a safe, collaborative online learning environment
  • it works with our web filter, Lightspeed, which will open up YouTube for student learning
  • it’s cloud based, accessable on our school devices (thin clients, netbooks, Chromebooks, and iPads), and can be used at home by connecting to MBC on the Internet
  • teachers have all the bells and whistles of creating content bundles (online lessons or units), giving assignments, grading assessments, opening discussion boards for students to communicate and discuss topics in a safe, online environment, and much more
  • students are empowered by voicing thoughts, opinions, reflections, learning, and thinking via discussion boards or chat rooms

Logging in

AJUSD students and faculty already have access to MBC with your AJUSD username and password used to login to your AJUSD e-mail. Just put in your username and password like the example below, then click in the find school box and start typing your school name, it will appear and then click the link. (Note: If you don’t click the link, it will not recognize what you’ve typed in the box, therefore, make sure you click the link).

 login MBC

More Tutorials for Logging In:

Set up Groups for your Class(es)

Groups are used to “group” together the members of your online class. In a Group, you can communicate with the group members through announcements, discussion boards, custom content (called “Bundles”), share resources and links, video chat with other classes, and manage a group calendar of assignments and important dates. You can even make portions of the group public for parents to view.

Set up Group MBC, image by Tracy Watanabe

Enrolling Students as Group Members

The next step is student enrollment in your Group. You have a choice of enrolling your own students by typing their names in, or students can enroll themselves.

MBC Members--Image by Tracy Watanabe

Menu Items in Group

Group Menu MBC

  • Home: This will include your class description. You can set any page you’ve created as the Home page (such as a class syllabus, workshop agenda, group instructions, or educational photos/video).
  • Announcements: Announcements can be used by the teacher to share quick ideas or resources. For example, “View this video to look for evidence of the author’s claims. Write down the evidence and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”
  • Discussions: This is a forum or chat room to discuss ideas. You can have a threaded discussion here (that’s where members can reply to certain comments, and it indents the reply under the comment). Discussions can be closed which means there is a time frame for students to respond and discuss, and that discussion can be closed at the end of the week (or whenever you choose). Note: There are moderators at MBC that monitor all discussion room content 24/7, therefore, you know that it’s a safe environment for them to discuss. Another note: It’s a good idea to have your first discussion about Digital Citizenship.
  • Chat: This is a good place for a “backchannel.” The teacher can also start a video chat with another online member. This is a place where students can chat about things not specific to a Discussion. Note: The Chat room is NOT filtered, which means you can’t delete it. Therefore, if you want to remove content, you’ll need to contact MBC Customer Support. Also, you can turn this feature off if that’s your preference.
  • Pages: This is a good place to add pages that you’ve created such as worksheets, lesson plans, rubrics, etc. You can make any of these pages your Home page. Also, you can add pages and decide when you want them to be visible, or whom they will be visible to. Therefore, if you wanted different assignments for groups of students, then you can individualize and personalize their content here. Note: You can also give students editing rights to the pages.
  • Resources: Here’s where you can organize your resources into folders and subfolders by units, lessons, classes, etc. You can add all of your content
  • Calendar: All assignments and events will show on this calendar. The calendar can also send them reminders in MBC, in email, and as a text message. Students can also turn in their assignments through the Calendar. You can also verify if they’ve seen the assignment through the Calendar.

 More tutorials about Groups can be found by clicking these links:

Concluding thoughts:

In the next blog post, we’ll explore Schoolwork, which is creating assignments and assessments for students.

  • What tips or questions do you have about the benefits of MBC, logging in, or groups?

Note: I chose to create this class as a blog post instead of within MBC because I wanted this information more visible to our AJUSD family.

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9 thoughts on “Using My Big Campus in the Classroom: Post 1–Benefits, Logging In, Groups

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  5. The first thing that I liked about My Big Campus is the fact that it is so user friendly. Logging in and getting access was very simple. Once I was able to log in I found that the home page was very user friendly and similar to that of other online social media sites. Creating a group was very easy. The tab is very visible and once in it is very straight forward to set up a group. I like the fact that I can manually enroll students or they can enroll themselves. I see a handful of positive benefits to My Big Campus. Being able to create a collaborative online experience is nice for the students. Being able to utilize their chromebooks is nice as well here at school and at home. Creating a safe way to communicate with my students that is secure is very reassuring, because sometimes through other sources you have no idea who has access and who doesn’t.

  6. Logging in and getting started was simple, and I especially like that I have the option of entering my students myself, or giving them the option to join my group. This is great, because I have large class loads. I can put the information on my website to make it more accessible for students who don’t have access to a computer while in my classroom. Otherwise I found the site to be user friendly and easy to get around.

  7. This system seems to be a really good set up for classroom use. It’s very similar to blackboard, which I’ve used before both as a student as and administrator. It’s an easy to use collaboration tool, which is exciting as a related service provider. Sadly, I’m not given an account as a service provider. It would be great to be added to my kids’ groups if they are in use so that I could tailor our therapy sessions to what’s happening in class and make it more academically relevant.

  8. I especially like that we have the ability to clone our groups for each quarter. I think that is a real time-saving feature. Also, being able to add the paras who are in some of my classes to a group & grant them administrative rights is an advantage that I want to use. Since I do quarterly PBL’s, I am anxious to try out the Group Discussion feature in which students can share their projects.

  9. My campus is easy to log into and really like the idea of creating a group or different groups. I can see my main group being the class page and being able to break the class into smaller groups will help with differentiating assignments. The students being able to add themselves to a group is great vs. always having to add the names yourself.

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