Sharing Documents in Google Apps

I’m often asked about the sharing features of documents. There are two ways to share a document.

1) You can share to individuals. This is a good option if there are a limited amount of people viewing or working on the document.

2) You can publish it so anyone with the link can view (or edit). I use this option if I’m wanting my document visible by a large number of viewers.

Step 1) Click Share in the top right corner of screen.


2) Decide if you will share with a limited amount of people or if you are going to publish it to the web.


If you choose to publish it to the web, here are the next steps after you select Change (viewed in picture above):

Sharing in Google Apps

Last step:

Please remember, you are sharing your original. Depending on the document, sometimes I make a copy for my own file. Other times, I save it to templates if I want each individual to have their own individual copy. However, if I just want them to view or edit one copy, I share it using one of the two (or both) processes described in this post.

Were these instructions clear? Do you have any questions about this process?

If this is new information for you, how can you share it with others?

Note: This post was first published in August of 2012 and was updated and reposted.

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