Digital Storytelling with Netbooks

We will use this post to help guide our discussions during our Prospector University class.

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For our class today, these are some of our links and our agenda:

1. Jigsaw Common Core Standards — Find standards that digital storytelling will address:

2. Defining what good digital storytelling is

3. Explore prompts / Create own prompts

4. Storyboarding and more explanation

5. Production — Choose the technology

    • Strengths?
    • Easy to use on netbook? Chromebook?
    • Drawback?


  • Remember to look at the terms of agreement and think about how to use it in your class.
  • It’s wise to see other content the students can get to from the site to make sure it is appropriate.

6. Images and music

  • Images and Creative Commons: Have students create their own images, take their own photos, or find photos that have Creative Commons Licensesand have them properly cite the photo either on the same page as the picture or at the end.

  • Background music and Creative Commons: If there is not music to choose from on the app or site, then find music that is legal to use in your video. I select music from the list suggested by Creative Commons. However, background music is not a necessity, especially if it’s new to the class. Melody Loops was suggested by Cheri Springer, and Dano Songs by Gina Fraher.

  • Production: Before production, I treat this part of the process much like I would the rough draft of a writing assignment with editing and revising. Here’s where the mini-lessons come in about voice, word choice, etc. I like to conference with my students to make sure they are ready for production, then I allow them to start once they’ve gathered all of the photos and music (optional).

7. Publish, share, reflect, and celebrate

What are your take-aways?

What questions do you still have?

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8 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling with Netbooks

  1. I really like the potential that digital storytelling brings to the classroom. It will help the students to understand that there is other audiences out there that want to hear about their stories not just the teacher in the classroom. Digital storytelling allows the students to hear the story and be able to hear it back and see where they can improve on their writing. Great ideas!!! Thanks…

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Great having you in class tonight! Yes, digital storytelling has a huge amount of potential for all ages. It uses 21st century skills, addresses multiple Common Core Standards, and is fabulous differentiation.

      Here’s a link to digital storytelling with iPads if you are interested.

      Kind regards,

  2. I liked the creativity of it and the list of all the resources in order to create the digital stories.Thank you for your time and the excellent examples provided. I also enjoyed being able to experiment with the sites during the class.

    • Hi Carly,

      Thanks! It’s always fun to put together PD knowing that we all come with different experience with the technology and how to apply it in the classroom. So, I try to keep that in mind while also giving time for everyone to give it a try. Often times when we can try it and experience it, then it’s easier to bring it back to implement in the classroom.

      So glad you came tonight!

      Kind regards,

  3. I am so excited about all you taught us today. It goes right along with what we are doing in our classroom. I am excited to get back to my students tomorrow and show them all I learned. The big things that I learned and will look to using next year is not only solving math but also making them explain how it will impact their life.

  4. I like all the different sites available to students that will help them create a digital story. Not every story they create will fit into a specific site, so it’s nice to know that there are other options available. I noticed that goanimate was not included. I’ve used this site before with my 8th graders, and they enjoyed it. I would then play their stories to the class. It was amazing at how creative they were with this site.

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