Mobi: Navigating the Page Sorter

Teachers can create lessons in pages ahead of time to use in class. In order to do so, the teacher must be able to navigate the page sorter.

Sequencing or Deleting Pages

First, launch the Page Sorter.

  • The Page Sorter window will appear, displaying the current pages created.
  • From here, it is easy to reorder the sequence of pages in the workspace lesson by dragging and dropping the page in the desired location in the Page Sorter window.
  • To delete a page, click on the page to highlight it, then click on the Trash can in the Page Sorter window.
Duplicating Pages
  • You can duplicate a page in the Page Sorter window. Just click on the Page Sorter menu icon, then select Duplicate Page.

Saving Pages

  • Click on the Mobi Workspace Menu.
  • Select File, then Save As.
    Click here to view video tutorial about saving and sharing workspaces.
Final Thoughts
Creating lessons helps focus student instruction. The Mobi can be a powerful tool to assist with this. Click here to view some sample lessons, and please share your lessons here as other examples!

Click here to view other tips and tutorials for the Mobi.

How does this help with creating lessons?

Do you have any Mobi Lessons to share with us? If so, please share here.

What questions do you still have?

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