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Have you ever noticed the books you read about successful businesses, organizations, and partnerships all include a chapter or two on communication?  We all know how important communication is.  Why is it then, that often times mis-communication occurs overtly or you walk away from a conversation or an interaction with a knot in the pit of your stomach and you just can’t quite figure out what went wrong, you just know something wasn’t right?  As we journey through this book study my hope is that we will embrace the ideas and concepts presented to help us have successful communication with our peers, our family members, and our students.  Please remember two foundational pieces through our study.  The first is everyone is one of six basic personality types, and the second is HOW we say something is more important than WHAT we say.

Please read chapter one before we meet on Thursday.  While you are reading consider the following questions and respond to our blog.  Thank you.  Again I look forward to our journey together!


1.  What three personality types best describe yourself?

2.  What is one takeaway from Chapter one and what impact will it make on you?

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5 thoughts on “Here’s How to Reach Me-Book Study

  1. I feel that the 3 personality types that best describe me are reactor, persister and dreamer. My emotions can completely take over. I am definitely compassionate, and sensitive as well. The persister in me comes out through my dedication and personal beliefs. The third type was more difficult to pin point. I feel that I am a little bit of a dreamer because I do reflect a lot on my personal life and

    After reading chapter 1, I realized that by age 6 most people have developed their personality types. That really stuck with me, because that is the age group I teach. I hope to gain a better understanding of each personality type and how it will help me communicate more effectively in my classroom, with my colleagues and outside of school.

  2. The biggest type for me is Workaholic. The whole description fits me perfectly, especially the logic part. Secondly, I’m a Persister as I am especially dedicated and opinionated. It’s difficult for me to choose a third one, but I might say I have a little Reactor side. I like to think of myself as compassionate and sensitive to others’ differences and needs. I’m not sure the rest of it describes me very well, though.

    Looking back through the chapter, the writing samples from each type could be particularly useful to me as a writing teacher. I think I could figure out a lot of my students without it, but it would be interesting to make comparisons or help me figure out some of the more puzzling kiddos.

  3. 1) The three personality traits I relate to the most include woroholic, reactor, and dreamer. I can relate to these personalities do to being obsessed with organization and structure, being reflective and compationate.

    2)The biggest thing about chapter one I read is understanding the different personality types and their characteristics. One thing I can take away is knowing these persoanlities and understanding key triggers and stressers as this will help with students and people I interact and communicate with.

  4. The three personality types I believe I’m closest to are; persister, dreamer and workaholic. I am a beleiver to a fault and I have trouble dealing with other persisters especially if his or her beliefs do not match mine–as I experienced during this past election. Yes I was a scout and yes my college GPA was 3.8 and it almoste cost me my life in the process as one night when posting one of my assignments the compter went down on the campus meaning my assignment would be late. Someone after a couple of hours I got my assignment in–later that night I was taken to the hospital with a major heart attack. As a dreamer, I find myself creating and appreciating the creations of others including my very talented son and daughter. My daughter is also a persister to a fault just like me. After staying in my classroom catching up on the mountain of paperwork, sadly I know that I am a workaholic and added to the persister in me, this can become my undoing since I have heart disease.

    2. My ah-ha came from the fact that I am in the right place for my personality types. On page 4-5 in the book, it talks about the six types as far as teachers are concerned saying that workaholics and persisters become middle school teachers, but not very many dreamers. I hate to be stereotyped into my job–nive to know I have just enough dreamer to resist the pidgeon-hold I find myself in. Funny, but I did not find satisfaction in working in an elementary school last year as I have working in the middle/junior high and I think it’s because of my strong personality types.

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