Interwrite Mobi

Our Interwrite Mobis, purchased mainly through Title I funding and on some campuses through the PTO, are here. My first training will be at the SMES campus.

Here are a few links to help you get started:

Tips for caring for the device:

  • Use terry-cloth to clean screen with.
  • Plug it in at the end of the day to recharge.
  • Make sure the pen is placed completely in the pen storage slot (you’ll hear a click) for the pen to recharge when the Mobi is charging.

Student learning:

  • The Mobi gives the students an opportunity to share their learning by showing their work, sharing their learning with evidence from what’s on the screen and visually representing their thoughts.
  • The Mobi also allows the teacher the mobility around the class and the ability to  bring the device to the students.

How do you see the Mobi used to help student learning?

What new tips or features did you learn about the Mobi?

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