Managing Student Work in Google Apps

This is absolutely awesome for managing student work in Google Apps. Doctopus allows you to share a document with your entire class without having to share individually and without having to place it in the Template Gallery. Plus, it collects all of the data in one spreadsheet!

You can share the document for the whole class to work on it, for group work, or for individual work.

Here’s how you get started:

Watch this tutorial to see how to set it up:

This is what it looks like when it’s done:

This is simply amazing! I am using it for collecting information for my online classes, exit cards, etc.

Special thanks goes out to Andrew Stillman for creating Doctopus, and special thanks to Linda Yollis for sharing this via her blog post!

How could you use Doctopus to manage your Google Docs?

Do you have any questions?


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2 thoughts on “Managing Student Work in Google Apps

  1. Right now, I have been having students do their writing assignments in google docs and share their work with me via email. I have set up five different folders in my email, and when they share their work with me, I manually move them into the appropriate folder. Sometimes the work doesn’t get into my email correctly, and I have to have them resend it. Using DOctopus sounds as though it would make those steps go away for me. Worth trying.

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