Common Core and PBL

We are concluding a week of Common Core professional development by connecting it with PBL, 21st century learning, 1 to 1, individualized instruction, through rigor, relevance, and relationships.

What are your key take-aways from today’s training?

What questions do you still have?

What’s something new that you want to implement during next school year?

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20 thoughts on “Common Core and PBL

  1. What are your key take-aways from today’s training?

    Collaboration is necessary

    What questions do you still have?

    Will time with my team be made available.

    What’s something new that you want to implement during next school year?

    better assessment tools.

  2. We need to figure out how to morph the science standards, Common Core and PBL. Lots to do and ideas given, but I need to think and process. Let my brain chill for awhile before I really start planning.

  3. What are your key take-aways from today’s training?
    PBL and Common Core go together like bread and butter. Or Peanut butter and jelly Tracy.

    What’s something new that you want to implement during next school year?
    I am going to focus on finding QUALITY reading materials for my students that are at their grade level.

  4. What I took away from today is that I feel pretty good about what I’m doing in my class already. CTE courses line up real well with Common Core and I think I will be in great shape.

  5. I like the connections that naturally occur in the common core standards. I think that implementation will come together and enhance the learning process for our students, and after a slight learning curve 🙂 it will be a lot less intimidating.

  6. Creating a PBL lesson w/ aid of checklist provided.
    Understanding difference between PBL and other lesson delivery techniques.

    How do I cover all the AZ standards and do PBL throughout the year?

    I would like to use these techniques to have students be active in the planning process.

  7. 1. I took away from this training… a better understanding of how Common Core can be implimented into my curriculum while supporting other content areas.

    2. Questions I still have… when do I get to see a true example of test question in my content area? How will the students be assessed?

    3. Something new I want to impliment next year… ABC (Activity Before Content). Giving my students a hands-on activity to engage and hopefully hook their brains with.

  8. Thanks for including me in our academic adventure, your sessio0ns always keep me in contact with methodology, technology, and content which will employeed in the coming few years.

  9. The big take-away from today’s training is that PBLs are not just about the final end product, but the learning that takes place along the way. This is exciting and somewhat intimadating all at the same time as I embark on teaching a new curriculum during the new school year. I’m anxious to be able to sit down with the math teacher on my team so that we can design something that will be valuable.

  10. During this session I have learned that Common Core is the “what” and PBL is the “how.” There is more to PBL than just doing projects. The best way to teach the Common Core is through PBL.

    I plan to refer to some of the Language core standards when creating lessons for next year.

  11. Take Aways- Students will be engaged in class if you implement the PBL’s correctly. Also, for your PBL’s, you will need a balanced approach from the Learning Activity Checklist.
    Questions- Will we have time for collaboration within our department and with our fellow grade teachers?

    I want to implement more PBLs during the year for my class.

  12. 1) Many of the teaching techniques that the CTE department uses on a daily basis are things that have been presented this past week. The CTE department has many different skills that allows the students to use the knowledge from other classes in real world situation in our classes.

    2) New ideas on how to present information in a PBL format for the students would be beneficial to keep them engaged and interested in the information that is presented during class.

    3) Throughout the week there have been many new ways to check responses from students while in class. I feel that these are things that can be implemented throughout the school year.

  13. I learned that I’m set and ready for PBL… can’t wait for next year…
    Question: Where can I find a great already written rubic… that I can change for my classes?
    Next year I’m going to work on closure… I stink at it…

    what a great time I had learning and sharing with friends…

  14. It was a good review and a wrap up to the week. We need TIME to collaborate with content area people and grade level meetings.

  15. I have learned how to incoportate the common core standards into a PBL. The common core standards are the “what” while the PBL is the “how”.

    I would like to know how our district could help teachers from different subjects work together to create a cross-curricular PBL?

  16. I am very excited to see explore the opportunities Common Core will provide within the classroom! I look forward to incorporating more technical and scientific journal readings into my students experience. As PBL becomes stronger and more comfortable I am hopeful to see more crosscurricular projects being accomplished

  17. This was a great experience that helped us to lock in our knowledge and create plans for next year. Nothing like a good performance lesson and assessment.

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