Collaboration Coaching in AJUSD

This post was created collaboratively by the Year 1 Collaboration Coaches: Bethany Sole, Colleen Tucker, Tawnya Olen, Danielle Houseman, Ed Matlosz, Erik Nesheim, Laurie Gateb, Sarah Harrison , Jason Davis, Julia Goucher, Karen Bliss, Krystal Holyoak, Lynne Cook, Shana Myers, Marcella Saggio, Shelly Brossman, Sheryl Anderson, and Bonnie Barrett


This year, collaboration coaching was a team of teachers working together to build relationships that promote and develop 21st century learning skills in the classroom. Collaboration coaches must first build relationships with a teacher or team of teachers. They share their expertise, lesson ideas, and technology through effective coaching skills. During the trust building process, collaboration coaches and teachers were able to comfortably work with one another to share information and ideas to promote and develop 21st century classroom skills. The development of these 21st century skills allowed teachers to create data-driven classrooms where students collaborated with their peers. Students took more responsibility in their own learning through relevant and engaging activities while teachers were facilitating this community within the classrooms. Promotion of effective lesson design increased student achievement and critical thinking skills. Technology-strengthened lessons allowed students to fully engage in project-based learning.

As collaboration coaches shared with other teachers and students new sites for technology, it improved the learning environment in the classroom.  The technology was the tool to help stimulate and motivate the students into learning the objectives of the lesson. Once the students used the technology for an assignment, students demonstrated several levels of thinking.  Project-based learning was a key to higher-level thinking that was fun, challenging, and real world in its approach.  Data-driven classrooms carefully considered the information gathered from pretests, with the goal of targeting the objectives and bridging the students understanding.

To summarize the implementation of collaborative coaching, this post included a few presentations that demonstrate the methods employed by teachers, students, and administrators to effectively bring 21st century learning to the classroom.  It all begins with building relationships in order for everyone involved to feel successful and expand their classrooms to move from paper and pencil worksheets to technology enriched documents.  As an example, some students had a real world problem to solve, they were engaged and provided their input to solve the problem.  Please find the presentations which demonstrate the interpretation of collaborative coaching and the shift from teacher-focused to student-focused learning.

How does teacher collaboration help in learning communities?

How does student collaboration help in their own learning?

Why is a 21st century, student centered district valuable?

What other questions do you have about Collaboration Coaching?

Collaboration Coaching is our version of Microsoft Peer Coaching, developed by the Peer-Ed Team.

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One thought on “Collaboration Coaching in AJUSD

  1. Most amazing projects. Collaboration coaching has really ramped up from last year to this year. Your projects have evolved amazingly from our basic Web 2.0 projects to real-world projects. Thanks for all the work you put into these!

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