Sharing Links with Your Class

I often am asked how to share a link with a class, especially from Google Forms. Here is the process that I suggest if you are in Google Forms:

There are are few ways to give them the URL:
1) email
2) place it on a website (SchoolWorld is an easy one)
3) shorten the URL in (and if you create a bitly account, you can customize what the URL is)
4) QR code (for iPads)
5) you can also place it on Sqworl to curate your collection of resources
Do you have other easy ways to share the URL with them?
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4 thoughts on “Sharing Links with Your Class

  1. Here’s my (very basic) solution. I created a document called “To Do” and shared it with my class on in Google Docs. I copy all the links and forms I want my class to visit in the document, with written instructions for what I want them to do on each site. My students know to open that document as soon as they get on the computer. I just keep deleting old links and adding new ones as we go, so every day there are only a few links on the “To Do” document. If it’s something we need to keep going back to over and over I’ll put it on my School World site or Moodle, but the Google Docs method is quick and easy for links you’ll only use for a few days.

  2. Tracy,
    Thank you very much for showing all the different way to send out a form. I like the bitly site to shorten up the URL. I agree with you, less messy and not as long. Thank you for this tutorial. Now I can send the form out to my kids and get their post assessment data.
    Thank you,

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