August 13

My First Week in the Lockwood Crew!

Look into what the Lockwood Crew did on their first week of school! How was your first week of school? Please let us know! We would love to read about it all!


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Hello! My name is Brian Lockwood and I am a 5th grade teacher at Superstition Mountain Elementary school! I have a wonderful wife and an amazing son!

11 thoughts on “My First Week in the Lockwood Crew!

  1. Aleeya

    I loved the first week of school was great. I love my teacher he’s the best he super nice and fun. He lets us have snack time.

    1. cpjura

      Hi Aleeya 🙂
      It sounds like you are having a fabulous time in third grade!
      How was your summer? What fun things did you do?
      Miss you! <3 Ms. Pjura

  2. cpjura

    Mr. Lockwood and crew,
    My name is Ms. Pjura, I used to teach second grade at DVES. I am now teaching fourth grade in Gilbert and would love to blog with your class! Hope you all had an amazing first week of school!!
    Here’s my new class blog if you want to check it out I can’t wait to see all the fun things you do this year 🙂

    1. blockwoo (Post author)

      Ms. Pjura,

      It is so nice to hear from you! The class remembers you well and are so excited that you sent us a comment! We would LOVE to blog with you and even SKYPE if you would like. What school do you teach at in Gilbert? Are you enjoying your time there? What is your favorite subject to teach?

      We look forward to hearing back from you and connecting with your 4th grade class!


      Mr. Lockwood and the Lockwood Crew!

      1. cpjura

        We are at San Tan Charter School. We would love to SKYPE with you sometime this year. My favorite subject to teach is math, but the classes favorite to learn is science. Have a great day 🙂


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