March 7

Paper Books Vs. E-Books

Mr. Lockwood’s class has discussed the similarities and differences between E-Books and Regular old paper books. What do you think? Should we transition to all E-books in our public and school libraries or should we stick with tradition and stay with the large cases of the good old paper book?

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Hello! My name is Brian Lockwood and I am a 5th grade teacher at Superstition Mountain Elementary school! I have a wonderful wife and an amazing son!

2 thoughts on “Paper Books Vs. E-Books

  1. donavan

    I think e books are better than regular books cause the books that people can turn can tare and a e book cant plus all we have to do is plug them in and read that is all a e book needs and you can read while it is charging all night long.And paper books can tare get thrown away.It is way more easy to take care of cause they are tuch screen.

  2. janjose

    i vote for e books because they are electronic so you cans study on other stuff i want to study reptiles and study on other animals so i look on my i pads centipede and wondering spider giant centipede brown recluse they all do a lot of venom oh i look on king cobra witch is the longest and venom es snake in India i read about other animals and yeah that s what i do at home so i can do it and i going to do it again at home so thank you very much


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