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The Great Mail Race

Mr. Lockwood’s class is participating in the Great Mail Race! We are corresponding with students and classes from all over the country. We have received one from Illinois to start and are excited to send and receive many more!

- Mail Day!! -
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8 Responses to “The Great Mail Race”

  1.   SeAnna Says:

    I just sent a letter to a person in Boulder, Colorado. I hope they join the Great Mail Race. It’s cool to have kids all over the country writing letters to each other. I hope the school I sent it to continues the race!

  2.   marcus Says:

    For two days know(Monday,Tuesday)we have been in The Great Mail Race and we are really excited about it.We are going to face about all fifty states in the U.S.A and is probably going to have fun.We have to send mall i think to all fifty states or the entire world.I cant wait to face other schools.We have joined The Great Mail Race on Monday and we have been looking for schools on web if you are a teacher at a school join The Great Mail Race.

  3.   Brenda E. Says:

    We are doing the great mail race and everybody did a state for are state projects and the state they had they are finding a elementary school in there state to send the letter to and i have Mississippi and we are hoping to get a letter back from all 50 states i hope all schools reply to us

  4.   Brooke Says:

    I am really exited to join the great mail race we are sending mail / letters to a state of our choice.And it would be really cool if we could get the whole United States to join in.It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just look for a school in a state get the address and send it there and tel them to join in!

  5.   donavan Says:

    The mail race is awsome you have to write to people around the world and to get to now people to get to know people better on the internet or mail letters to people in Conneticut or in some other states too.It is on skype it is a fun subject in my school i like this one the most in school.

  6.   hannah Says:

    for two days know (Monday,Tuesday)we have been in the great mail race an we are really excited

  7.   Ty Says:

    I am finishing a letter that I am going to send to a fifth grader named Nickolas in Pennsylvania.He was rewarded with a million dollars.You don’t believe me?Good.Its not true.He got a medal because he ran marathons and got 20,000 and gave it to kids in cold climates for coats.
    I can’t wait until he replies to me because we both like running and I would like to know if we had anything else in common.

  8.   Mrs. Hirner Says:

    My class is so excited to talk to your class! Glad you joined the race too!

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