February 27

The Killer Whale Debate

What are your thoughts on shutting down Sea World parks due to the captivity issues, and the recent film “Blackfish”.


Killer Whale
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9 thoughts on “The Killer Whale Debate

  1. donavan

    I think they should not close down sea world cause people love that place to go to too have fun with there family.I also think that they should not close it down cause people can see animals that they cant see in real like the killer whale for example.the last reason i think that they should keep it cause I have not been there before in my hole life.

  2. SeAnna

    Sea World needs to stop the Killer Whale shows. The whales are getting aggravated and frustrated. I wish they would let the killer whales go but that would kill them. How would they find food and a new family? They should keep the killer whales until they die but stop with the shows. Don’t get new killer whales because Shamu is over!

  3. Brenda E.

    i think we shouldn`t shut down sea world because little kids enjoy going to sea world to see the orcas do there shows and the whales have lived at sea world for so long that they haven`t been out in the wild so they dont know how to hunt for food cause at sea world they just give them the food so if they just let the orcas go to the ocean then they wont survive and i think they should stay because there fun to watch at the shows.

  4. Ty

    Killer whale are animals that live in pods. That’s the name of the type of group they are in.At least fifty of the killer whales live in each one and in some pods maybe more.But sea world and other marine zoos or aquariums are capturing them and keeping them form their natural home and their for making them depressed.
    People need to leave killer whales alone.

  5. marcus

    My thoughts on letting the killer whales free is not good because they been in sea world and don’t know how to defend there self any more and don’t remember how to get there own food any more because they were trained not to kill.Killer whales are not ready to be sent out so I would let them die then shut down the business.

  6. Benjamin

    NO!Because they should free the Killer whale’s from captivity.They should be free in the wild where they can do anything they want.They need a whole lot of space and the sea is where they belong is a lot of space in the sea.

  7. chris

    yes sea world should be shutting down because killer whale need to be free in the sea. the sea is our they live they can die in sea world because they don’t no how to tack care of whales.

  8. Jaden

    I think that Sea World should keep there animals that they have now until the animals die. they should not just let the animals go because they will not beable to survive.

  9. Diana

    I think we showed not shutting down Sea Word but we should cancel the killer whales show but not sending the killer whale to the wild. If you send them to the wild they won’t know how to hunt food and they will die from starvation. You an keep the killer whales till they die. Sea World just keep gong but not the killer whale show like for example the shamu show.


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